Thursday, March 28, 2013

Natalia, Darbi, and Bella

R-L Natalia, Brock, Darbi, Natasha (mom) and Bella (front)
Bella, Darbi and Natalia Wilson are three beautiful sisters.  Together they have had a very rough year.  A few years ago, Bella was diagnosed with gastroparesis, or paralysis of the stomach muscles.  Bella has been going through a series of tests, doctor and hospital visits, in order to help her to get her system regulated and to get nutrients into her body. This has been a struggle for the family.  Then, last fall, Natalia, the oldest Wilson sister, was cheering with her squad from Weber High.  During a stunt, she fell and hit her head.  Because she had recently had a concussion, the new fall cause traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The TBI was bad enough that for a couple of weeks, the doctors ordered Natalia to lie in bed in the dark and do nothing, but listen to classical music.  Natalia has been out of school since.  She has started to improve and even started attending one or two classes a day.  The girl's mom was thrilled because she thought her mondays would no longer be spent at doctors and hospitals for tests.  That very week, the middle sister, Darbi, had a seizure and stopped breathing.  An ambulance was called and Darbi was rushed to the hospital.  Darbi then went through a series of tests to find out what had caused the seizure.  Darbi has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is now starting on medications to help her.  Darbi has a long road ahead of her to find the right medicines in the right dose.